F1 Teddy Bear Goldendoodles (Our Animal Crossing litter) DoB 9/26/19


Female #1: Melba

This sweetie is so perfect. She is the darkest female of the litter and her coat is curly. She likes to cuddle and is so far quiet and a little bit shy.

Female #2: Fauna

This little dear is Fauna. Her coat is a soft brown color and is very soft. She is more independent and seems to be the first to sniff something new out.


Male #1: Apollo

This little guy is Apollo. He is a light cream color with a small spot of white on his forehead and his coat is very fluffy and curly. He is playful and a very silly little pup.

Male #2: Ike

This is Ike. He has the lightest coat of the males and is so curly. He is very laid back and calm, seemingly fine was sleeping anywhere.

Male #3: Biskit

This handsome little pup is Biskit. His coat is a light golden color and is so fluffy and soft. He is the flattest coat of the litter. His personality so far is so sweet and perfectly playful, he loves to be held and cuddled. He is so relaxed and enjoys almost anything.

Male #4: Pango

This little pup is Pango. He has a very curly, cream colored coat. He is quiet and seems to enjoy playing with his siblings. He is very sweet.

Male #5: Chief

This sweet puppy is Chief. He has a very fluffy, curly light golden coat. He is calm and seems to be a bit more cautious if his mama isn’t around.

Male #6: Knox

Knox is such a sweetheart. He is the smallest of the litter, but has been so strong and determined to keep growing. His coat is a creamy golden and is very curly.

Male #7: Chow

This is Chow. He has such an adorable face. His coat is a white color and is so very fluffy and curly. He is sweet and seems to still love being next to his mom.

F1 Goldendoodles (Our Autumn litter) DoB 10/04/19


Female #1: Squash

This sweetie is Squash. She is a light golden puppy, with a white streak on her forehead and she has white dipped paws. She is carefree and a sweetheart.

Female #2: Maize

This sweet honey is Maize. She has a beautiful golden coat that is curly and silver tipped. She has a white star on her forehead, chest and a little bit of white on her toes.

Female #3: Acorn

Acorn is a darling. Her coat is curly and a gorgeous golden brown.

Female #4: Cranberry

Cranberry is as sweet after which she was named. Her coat is a light cream color and is curly. We are still debating if she has blue eyes.

Female #5: Cider

Cider is our beautiful golden brown little pup. Her coat is also curly.

Female #6: Autumn

This is Autumn. She has a very pretty golden coat that is soft. She has beautiful blue eyes.


Male #1: Chestnut

This handsome little guy is Chestnut. He has a cream curly coat, with an adorable spotted nose and white star on his head and paws.

Male #2: Chilly

This cutie pie is Chilly. His coat is a curly dark red color with white on his nose/forehead, paws, and chest.

F1b Goldendoodles (Our Pie litter) DoB 10/04/19


Female #1: Cherry Pie

This little puppy is Cherry Pie. She has a golden brown colored coat that is very curly. We are still debating if she has blue eyes.

Female #2: Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie has the lightest coat of her litter and has a little white star on her head and chest.


Male #1: Pumpkin Pie

Little Pumpkin is such a handsome pup. He has a very nice red colored coat that is fluffy and curly.

Male #2: Peanut Butter Pie

Peanut Butter is one of the lighter males, with a curly caramel coat that is very curly.

Male #3: Pot Pie

This is handsome little Pot Pie. His coat is a dark red color and he has a bit of white on his chest.

Male #4: Mud Pie

Little buddy Muddy is such a sweet puppy. His coat is a lighter brown and is very soft and curly.

F1b Sheepadoodles (Our Blizzard litter) DoB 10/04/19


Female #1: Windy

This sweet dear is Windy. She has a curly white cream coat.

Female #2: Icycle

Icycle is a sweetheart. Her coat is very white and her nose is perfectly spotted.


Male #1: Toboggan (Toby)

Toby is a gorgeous puppy. He has black and white spots and a little speckled nose.

Male #2: Melt

Melt will just melt your heart away. This sweet puppy has a dark black coat, with little dips of white on his toes.

Male #3: Boots

This is Boots. He has a tri-colored coat that consists of brown, white, and black.

Male #4: Eggnog

Sweet Eggnog is so handsome. He has a cream colored coat and a lighter colored streak of white going down along his head and body.

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