An F1 Goldendoodle is a Golden Retriever and Poodle cross.  Goldendoodles, also called Golden Poos, Goldie Poos, or Groodles, have been bred in North America and Australia since the early to mid-1990's. They are hypoallergenic from the curly coats of the Poodle and yet have the calm and gentle disposition of a Golden Retriever. F1b Goldendoodles are a cross between a F1 Goldendoodle and a Poodle. They are even better for allergies.

We currently offer F1 Goldendoodles. We will be offering F1b Goldendoodles by Summer of 2019. They are bred through our female English and Golden Retrievers, Squeakers. Samantha and Molly and our Standard Red Poodle, Blue.

Our Goldendoodle Parents


This sweet girl is our red Golden Retriever. She has a gentle and calm personality. She weighs 42lb.



Molly is an English Golden Retriever. She weighs 44lb. She is very affectionate and has a gentle demeanor.



Sam is our wonderfully smart and athletic Golden Retriever. She loves swimming and wants to mother all the puppies. She will happily go lay down with puppies to nurse them even if they aren’t hers. haha! She is very gentle, I’ve never heard her growl at anything. She just goes with the flow.



Blue is our red Poodle, his bloodline is consistent of dark red Poodles. He is attentive and calm and loves to spend time with our children and is gentle around them. He weighs 46lb.


Their Past Puppies

They both give puppies of a variety of colors, including cream, red and gray.