A Sheepadoodle is a mixed breed between a Old English Sheepdog and a Poodle. They are also called Sheep-A-Poos, Sheepapoo, or just Sheeppoo.

They are very hypoallergenic, by their long and wavy coats and have a very calm and gentle nature. They are very playful, adaptable, bubbly and intelligent.

Sheepadoodle colors can range, but most are just black or black and white. Most often fade to a lighter gray as they age, similarly to the Old English Sheepdog. Occasionally, they are born with a little black and almost entirely white or are completely white. Even rarer, they are born red and white.

Our Sheepadoodle Parents


Fluffy is our Old English Sheepdog. Her demeanor with our other dogs is very gentle and even more so towards our children. She loves to play. Her coat is black and white.



Blue is our red Poodle, his bloodline is consistent of dark red Poodles. He is attentive and calm and loves to spend time with our children and is gentle around them.