Groodle Doodle Ranch is located in Fort Worth, Texas, we have been breeding Golden Retrievers for 17 years.  The last 3 years we have decided to breed Golden Doodles when our beloved Golden Retriever, Charlie, passed away at 17 years old.  We are a small breeder with only 4 adult dogs.  We are happy to have had our puppies chosen as therapy dogs, and service dogs.  

We strive to produce the healthiest puppies possible.  We only breed dogs that we have personally raised in our home. This way, we know the health history and the temperaments and personalities that are behind all of our puppies.

Groodle Doodle Ranch is a 24/7 hands on family operation.  Our puppies spend mornings laying in our children's laps, and afternoons romping and chasing each other.  Your puppy will be very well socialized and preloved, and ready to join your family.